Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Week Before Champaign-Urbana Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

So I'm not sure exactly what to think going into the weekend of my very first marathon. My initial processing reveals excitement, nervousness and uncertainty. I'm excited to take on a challenge that fewer than one percent of the worlds population has ever done. Sort of feel like it's my own version of climbing Mount Everest. I'm nervous because 26.2 miles is exactly 8.45 miles further than any distance I've run before, I suppose the nervousness and uncertainty is the thought I may not be able to finish. I feel like I've been totally on top of my training. Up until this past week where we've had the weather from hell, I've made every mid-day run and every long run. This week I've been a bit lazy, waking up with good intentions of going out for a run. Perhaps it's that I knew Martha wasn't meeting me (we just didn't make plans, and many of my mid week runs were with her). My thoughts as of late have been about distance. 185 miles between my house and the hotel. 3.9 miles between Urbana Super 8 hotel and the start line. 3.1 miles to run on Friday in the 5k. 26.2 miles to run on Saturday. 188.9 miles to drive on Saturday to get back home. I can't wait. More info to come.


  1. I've read through much of your preparation. What you are going through is normal, especially with panicking over the taper and wanting to do more. Sound like you stayed the course and are prepared to get out and crush it!

  2. I really hope that I am. I do think that I'll be able to finish, just a ton of mixed emotions. I found out that Martha is in a bit of a funk too. This seems to be happening. I attribute part of it to the weather. It's taking a long time for winter to go away and even longer now that spring is here its crappy weather.