Friday, April 19, 2013

April Stinks!

So for some reason all winter I was able to brave the short and long runs 3 times per week, but rain I cannot tolerate. I think it's just the feeling of being wet, certainly doesn't help with the chaffing and blisters. I've avoided running most of this week, except my speed workout with Eric. On Tuesday, it didn't rain in the morning and we set out for a quick 4 miler. It was the fastest I've run in a few months. I had good intentions to run on Friday morning, but I was simply too tired. I thought to myself, I'm in my taper anyway, so I should be okay. Tomorrow I will set out to run 8 miles. It's my shortest long run and it's tough not the think, "what the hell, I'll just go for 16." I just can't. I've been told my many that the taper is one of the most important parts of marathon training. I still feel confident that I have trained well for the marathon, but I've missed a long run and a few midweek runs. How about you? Have you missed some long or midweek runs while training for a marathon?

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