Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Training Update & Fuel Belt Purchase

So, It looks like I've unintentionally been on a blogging hiatus. My training has been going really well so far, so I'm really excited about what this might mean for me come marathon day.

I ran a total of 12 times during the month of February for a total of 77.15 miles.  That was a few shorter than I had planned since I had the cupid dash early in the month so that kept a long-run to 6.2 instead of the 8 or 9 I had planned.  The last long run of the month ended up being just shy of the goal of 13, with a total distance of 12.68.  This was a tough run to get through since I'm approaching my longest distance ever.

Now that I've got a 14 mile run in the books, I'm feeling better about approaching the next run at 16 miles. I've been able to hold my average pace at just under 10 minutes per mile.  I'm hoping to end my 26.2 at around 10:30 per mile.  As of today, I have 18 days until the Chi-Town Half Marathon race in downtown Chicago.  There I'm hoping to PR my first and only half marathon.  I know I'm not fit enough to run a sub 2 hour half marathon, but if I could get under 2:10 I'll be happy.

Two weeks after that, the registration for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Goofy Challenge supposedly opens up.  This is all around the RunDisney blogosphere and the daily morning updates from a Facebook page I follow.  I'm not all too sure where these folks get their information from, but I hope they're right!

I'm almost 50 days until I run my first marathon!  I've really started to practice for race day during my long runs.  I've finally taken the plunge and purchased my own hydration belt.  Yes, they look nerdy but I think I've chosen one that doesn't make my butt look fat ;)  Since I had completed one 15 mile run, wait, completed is an over-exaggeration.  I probably walked a good 4 miles of it.  I simply wasn't ready for it and had no fueling plan.  Lupe, the president of our running club, while on a 13 mile run a few weeks ago talked me into buying a hydration belt.  Simply put, your body can't and won't make it through double digit runs without having some sort of fueling plan.

After much deliberation and memorizing several reviews online regarding various belts from Nathan, Fuel Belt, Camelbak and several other companies, I decided on the Fuel Belt Revenge 4-Bottle Belt.  I purchased this from and since I'm a VIP member, I got it the next business day!  I couldn't wait to get out and run with it.  You can see the item available here but I'll save you the click and post their video at the end.  Here is an excerpt of the review I left.
I was nudged into purchasing a hydration belt by a member in our running club. I went on a 13 mile long-run with a few people and the topic came up in conversation since I didn't have any liquids with me. This is the belt I finally settled on. As I'm training for the Illinois Marathon this is going to be on my hips! I am training just south of the Wisconsin border so running in the cold does make the water freeze up a bit. I ran 14 miles last weekend and this belt was great! I plan on filling 2 with Gatorade and 2 with water on the next 16 mile long-run. It does not move on my waist. I first go through the front 2 bottles, then move the 2 back bottles to the front so I don't have to constantly reach behind for some fuel. It's nice that there are 4 bottles, it really helps with weight distribution. I do wish there were 2 pockets. That is my only complaint. It's a super tight fit to get my iPhone 5 in the pocket and leaves room for two Gu Energy Gel packet. I'm a bit nervous for the 20-miler coming up in a few weeks that I won't have enough room. I need to keep my cell phone with me (for safety if something happens). With no phone in the pocket, there is room for one packet of Gu Chomps and a few energy gel packets. I may try using the Otterbox Clip to hold my phone on the other side of the belt and fill the pocket with gu.
Since leaving the review, I've decided that I'm going to use my Otterbox clip and case to hold it on the belt, leaving the pocket completely full of Gu Chomps and Gels!  That'll be tested on this weekend's 16 mile run.  I will say that Fuel Belt customer service was quick to respond.  I can purchase an additional pocket if I really want one.  Since the belt came with 7 ounce bottles, I may pick up the 10oz bottles to go with it.  Tack those on the wish list!

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