Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chi Town Half Marathon Pre-race Banter

Well, here's a race that I signed up for sort of on a whim back in January.  I signed up for this to keep my training honest and make sure I kept up my training for Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon in April.  Having this to look forward to would hopefully keep me from procrastinating.  I'll also be using this half-marathon to dial in on goal pace for the full marathon.  Whatever my pace is for this race, I'll be setting my goal at 20 seconds slower per mile for the full marathon.  Here is some of the reasoning for that:

  1. They're calling for snow tomorrow morning
  2. Better temperature in April than in March
  3. Marathon pace should be slower than half-marathon pace
A really successful day would be running under 2:05:00, mildly successful will yield 2:08:00.  My last goal for the day will be to set a PR.  Since I've only run one half-marathon, it's 2:10:15 I'll be trying to beat.

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