Friday, January 4, 2013

Training Update

So I've been running. If you follow my blog at all, you know that I've been sidelined a bit lately due to a knee injury. I ran 2.22 miles on Christmas Day at a nice clip of 9:19/mile with my new Saucony Stabil CS 2 shoes. It's been really difficult to concentrate on running form but I've got to do it. I ran this entire run using midfoot running strategy to help reduce the load on my knee. Rumor has it when you strike the ground with the foot, it ends up putting up to 3 times your body weight straight on your knee. Yikes, for a guy almost 200lbs, that's not good!

After taking a few days off, I went out on the 29th, right before my trip to MIchigan and put down 2.7 miles at 10/mi. Not too shabby considering I ran in icy sidewalks and paid more attention to not falling than where I was running.And how about ending the new year with nice 2.8 mile during the trip in Michigan. Apparently they don't like snow plows where my parents live so I ended up running mostly on packed snow or soft deep snow. It was a super chilly day, 24 degrees F. After the first 2 miles at around 9:20/mile, the last bit was a bit slower because the road shoulder narrowed and I had to pay a lot of attention to passing traffic.

Finally beginning the new year and my official training plan for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon in April I went on a 3.8 mile run, which was supposed to be 4. I got to my driveway and I missed the mark but the best part is that I didn't feel much pain in my knee. I felt it get a bit tender but no actual pain. Couldn't believe it!

Throughout this training plan I'll be doing one day of Yoga, compliments of my sister-in-laws advice and a day of weight training. This brings my total training says to 5, of which 3 are running days and 2 are strength training.

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