Friday, December 7, 2012

Dr. Review and my own mistakes

Bummer, looks like no bone spurs, but with X-ray he couldn't tell if it was IT band or minor tear. Dr waxman said that I'd probably really be hurting if it was a tear and its not too bad. I've also got plantar fasciitis in both feet. Ugh...

I also found out that when I was fitted for shoes back sometime last year I was fitted for Asics GT-2160 EE. Fpr those who don't know, EE shoes are wide shoes. Well, earlier this year I bought Asics GT-2160 shoes but normal width. I'm guessing this is the cause of my pains. I didn't find this out until I went to Running Right in Highland Park and the Mike there was a pretty straight shooter and asked, "those the shoes you run in?" "Yes" I responded. He proceeded to show me why these shoes are too narrow and how my foot was stretching the shoe out on both sides. "You've got wide feet and those are regular width shoes."

Great. At least I'm at fault for my own injuries. I'm going to see about running a short run slowly and test my new pair on Monday.

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