Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hot Chocolate Chicago 15k Afterthoughts

Today didn't really go the way I had hoped. Placed in corral E, I thought I had a good position in the corral. I started out with a decent first few miles. Had I been able to keep it up I would have done great. Around mile 4 and again at mile 7 my knee just went crazy. I haven't ever felt this pain before. I've worked through blisters and muscle pain, but never joint pain. The crowded start led to a first mile pace, very inconsistent but given the knee pain, I'm happy with it. Mile 1: 10:57 Mile 2: 8:45 Mile 3: 9:04 Mile 4: 9:13 Mile 5: 9:53 Mile 6: 12:22 Mile 7: 11:33 Mile 8: 12:07 Mile 9: 17:12 That last mile is certainly what did me in. otherwise I'd have been just over 1:30:00 Anyway, the sweatshirt is so awesome. Great fit. The chocolate after the race was very tasty. Check out my review here on Yelp!

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