Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tech Woes, iPhone GPS w/ Nike+ or Sport Watch

So for this entire year while running I have been using my iPhone along with the Nike+ Running app. That served me well for a bit but I tend to get a bit nervous running longer than 10 miles simply due to how much I sweat while running. I've also used Pandora or iTunes Match for music while I run. Not only does this zip through my cellular data but my battery takes a huge hit in the morning.

With longer runs, I've felt for the need to change the running technology that I use. Having used the Nike+ website for so much of my mileage/pace log, I didn't want to break away from that. I decided to buy the Nike+ SportWatch GPS with TomTom. I purchased it used on eBay since it was about $50 cheaper than buying a new one. I've used it for a few runs so far totaling about 12 miles. Since its been getting cold in Chicago, my runs have been shorter. I'm looking forward to a 10 mile run here pretty soon so we'll see how the watch holds up. So far I really like it.

Look for my post on comparing the watch vs. the app.

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