Saturday, August 10, 2013

So you want to run across the Golden Gate Bridge?

The moment I found out a business trip was in my future, I planned on running across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Three weeks was the time I would have to make it happen, staying in San Jose, this shouldn't be a problem.

Finally one of the last nights, Dan and I made the drive up to San Francisco.  I'm not from California so I had no idea what we were in for.  Initially we stopped someplace in Golden Gate Park, which it would sound like it would be near the bridge, but is actually 8 miles away from where we parked.  We hopped back in the car, drove closer to the bridge.

We veered right off the last exit before the bridge and parked in a small parking lot, perhaps it's used for overflow.  It was about .3 miles from the bridge entrance.

We were a little confused by some of the signs.  On the way up, Dan read the website and realized we might only be able to run on the west side of the bridge, as it turns out this was reserved for cyclists.  We made it about .2 miles across on the west side and heard over a speaker "Joggers need to turn back." Kind of rude to be honest, perhaps they don't have very good communication skills.  I didn't mind, but we thought the east side was closed, so we thought we were screwed.  We went back down and across to the other side, and low and behold there were a ton of people on the bridge.  We hopped on the east side and began our run, sort of nervous for the same thing to happen over the loud speaker.  It didn't happen.  We made it all the way to the other side.  I ran slower than I usually do, mainly for stopping to take pictures.  We were there during sunset, so it wasn't too crowded, but people don't watch out for other people.  Tourists simply are in awe of the bridge and don't stay on the side they're supposed to or walk in line to take up the entire width of the walk/bike lane.  They don't want to move for you either.

Aside from that, the experience was amazing.  I'm so glad I did it.  I'd encourage anyone to do it.   Photos from the run found below.

The Bridge from the parking lot

Panoramic from the parking lot

As we got closer, nearer to the path below the bridge

About where we heard we needed to turn back, we were on the cycling side of the bridge

Sunset, #instagram

Finally on the side where we won't get kicked off

Selfie on the bridge, East bay

We've made it half way over

Selfie just past the half way mark

Lots of warnings

No animals

Took this with "slow shutter" app on iPhone, I love it!

Mainly took this one for my Uncle, loves these ships

Headed back from the North end

Looking down, thought it was a lighthouse, but doesn't look like your typical one.

Look closely, you'll see both ends of the bridge

Another self shot, so happy to have done this!

Another self shot, looking much taller!

That's Dan, he took part in the fun!

Dan and I, fellow dudes from Chicago running in the bay!

Both totally stoked to be doing this!

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