Friday, February 1, 2013

Week in Training: Jan 26-Feb 1

Another month has come and gone.  As I review my accomplishments for the month of January it comes as no surprise that I've hit a major milestone.  The last major milestone was the completion of my first half marathon in 2:10.  I've finally logged over 500 miles with my last 4.2 mile run.  I never saw this day coming, but I could be happier that it's just 10 months after I picked up running and having 7 weeks off due to an IT band issue at the end of 2012.

My mileage for January 2013 ended at 59.6 miles.  The bitter cold weather is slowing me down a bit so my average pace was around 10/mile.

My long run from Saturday was 8 miles followed by ~4 mile recovery runs later in the week.  I wasn't really motivated and ended up pushing them back to the end of the week.  I'm not sure if it was the cold weather or just the long work hours.

Either way I know I have 9 miles coming up tomorrow and I'm planning on using some Gu Chomps to try and get used to ingesting those to make sure I won't have any stomach issues.  A week from then, I have the North Shore Cupid Dash in Highland Park, IL.  That's a 10k so I'm going to be running an additional 4 miles after the race to keep up with my mileage.  I'm shooting for a sub 60 minute race time.

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